N9.024 - Bassline 303

from n9 Multimedia Lab.

RELEASE DATE : 1999/03/16
AUTHOR : Guillaume-Ulrich Chifflot

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Another attempt at giving some cool grooviness to modern typography. Of course, this typeface family gets its name from the famous Roland TB 303 Bassline, the acid machine so much fetishized among techno addicts, but, the idea was not to try to give a face to the acid house style :
"I tried to create a typeface that had the futurist feeling from the late 70 and early eighties, which was far different from how it evolved later : before futurism was taken seriously by graphic designer (as much as by musicians), it was still under the influence of cheesy 70' SF. Just like the typographies used by major Synthetizer companies on their machines (like Roland, Sequencial and co.) , these types were much less sharp and edgy, and had a cool retro lightness in them. A bit rounded, and a bit "too much" in fact !" - Guillaume

This face is available as a regular and as an oblique (versus an Italic, as, quite logically, robotic typefaces are the exact opposite of the manual and human thing that is the Italic !)
It provides very complete font sets, with all essential signs, and all required accents for European and central european countries.

Note : in case of trouble with delivery, please contact us at contact@n9.fr

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n9 Multimedia Lab. Paris, France

After a bunch of tracks in the early days of Techno & Rave explosion, n9 focused on graphic design and conceptual Typography, creating free or shareware fonts.
In 2005, n9 went back in the music area, and started releasing new tracks in the Electro, Techno or Electronica genres, as much as pioneering the revival of the Acid New Beat genre.
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