N9.026 - Big Bang

from n9 Multimedia Lab.

RELEASE DATE : 1997-04-19
AUTHOR : Guillaume-Ulrich Chifflot

Back from the N9 vault, here comes another fun freeware face!
As it name indicates, this is a blasting one. The cool thing is that, even that blasted, shapes remains highly legible, and that you can use it for a large spectrum of work : at huge size, it offers dazzling graphic shapes, and as text, it gives.. well, as much pain as such a cosmic event can give!
Main characters are here, and most accent, but hey, it is already more than what no money can buy, isn't it ?

This it is another FREEWARE font for you to enjoy! Download it at : nemoeditions.com/N9/free/N9.026.zip

And if you want to encourage the author, feel free to donate via the "Name your price" button.

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n9 Multimedia Lab. Paris, France

After a bunch of tracks in the early days of Techno & Rave explosion, n9 focused on graphic design and conceptual Typography, creating free or shareware fonts.
In 2005, n9 went back in the music area, and started releasing new tracks in the Electro, Techno or Electronica genres, as much as pioneering the revival of the Acid New Beat genre.
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