N9.037 - Octovetica

from n9 Multimedia Lab.

RELEASE DATE : 2006-04-27
AUTHOR : Guillaume-Ulrich Chifflot

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Octovetica started as an experimentations about a key aspect of computer typography : rasterization.
Letters within a type are usually drawn with continuous linear shapes and curves. But to be shown on-screen, which only has small discreet squarred dots to built images with, the curves are rasterized, that is transformed into a series of dots that optically simulates the curves. So if you look closely at an Helvetica on a computer screen, you see a very different face, specifically calculated to cheat your eyes, making them believe it is an Helvetica. An impostor !

We found this paradox very stimulating, and wanted to find a way to make it "striking". So we created this Octovetica family that exploits this paradox the exact opposite way : it is a square-shaped type family, that has been specifically designed to looks curved when used on screen at small sizes : at large size it looks squarred, and at small size it gets curved ! And the great thing is that this "mutating" type ended up being a very modern and versatile type !

And even, beyond this curve/square matter it also shows how this rasterizing is linked to the emerging of Mixed serifs, typographies that have letters with serifs, and some others without : while creating Octovetica, we saw that, in order to get a sans serif shape on screen, the letter sometime HAS TO feature some serif at its end (capital A is a clear example of that).

The v2.0 release of Octovetica includes 4 variants from Light to Black, fully accentuated and with all required diacritics, signs, and more than 500 kerning pairs. Enjoy !

This is a commercial font family, sold at a cheap price.
But you can download Octovetica Free, a version of Octovetica Regular without accents. Octovetica Free is offered as a FREEWARE font (N9.037X), and is available at the following link : nemoeditions.com/N9/free/N9.037X.zip

[Note that some free font sites keep distributing an unofficial beta release of Octovetica unkerned and with some missing glyphs : this old version is now obsolete and shall be replaced with Octovetica Free].

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n9 Multimedia Lab. Paris, France

After a bunch of tracks in the early days of Techno & Rave explosion, n9 focused on graphic design and conceptual Typography, creating free or shareware fonts.
In 2005, n9 went back in the music area, and started releasing new tracks in the Electro, Techno or Electronica genres, as much as pioneering the revival of the Acid New Beat genre.
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