N9.024R - Bassline 303 Squared

from n9 Multimedia Lab.

RELEASE DATE : 1999-03-18
AUTHOR : Guillaume-Ulrich Chifflot

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This diversion on the Bassline 303 family was originally intended to bring more modernity to it, as a kind of 90' remix : more brutal and sharp, more techno-ish.
But it soon gained a life of its own, and was used on various sleeve designs.

Also a very complete font family with all signs, and fully accentuated.
It includes 4 variants : Regular, Oblique, Bold & Bold Oblique.

Note : in case of trouble with delivery, please contact us at contact@n9.fr

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n9 Multimedia Lab. Paris, France

After a bunch of tracks in the early days of Techno & Rave explosion, n9 focused on graphic design and conceptual Typography, creating free or shareware fonts.
In 2005, n9 went back in the music area, and started releasing new tracks in the Electro, Techno or Electronica genres, as much as pioneering the revival of the Acid New Beat genre.
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